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Staff members are carefully selected for their previous teaching experience, early childhood education background, and dedication to the unique needs of the young child.


The HUMC Preschool is licensed under the Commonwealth of Virginia Code of Licensing by the Department of Social Services. The Commonwealth of Virginia helps assure parents that childcare programs assume the responsibility for the supervision, protection, well being, and safety of a child. State licensing ensures a number of things that provide the greatest safety and protection for your child.  HUMC Preschool complies with all of the following staff requirements:


  • The Preschool ensures that there will be an EMAT (Emergency Medication Administration Training) Certified person on the premise during school hours, allowing for the administration of prescribed and non-prescribed medication. It is the goal of the Preschool to certify all new staff members in EMAT at the earliest possible date. The EMAT training received was approved by the Virginia State Board of Nursing and meets all VA Dept. of Social Service Requirements.

  • Staff receive CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) & Rescue Breathing Training upon hire, then is refreshed every other year.

  • Staff receive First Aid Training and Daily Health Observation Training.

  • All staff are screened for Tuberculoses.

  • All staff are required to obtain 16 hours of continuing education each year.

  • Criminal Record and Child Abuse/Neglect registry checks are done on all employees.

  • The continuity of our preschool’s staffing is important for children, families, and the school’s team.  Teachers are assigned to a specific classroom. Substitute teachers provide necessary coverage within a specific room as as needed to cover staff absences and unexpected emergency situations.  This provides the opportunity for teachers to develop relationships with the children and other teachers.  All staffing assignments are based on the school’s needs.

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