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Our Developmental Goals: 


To emphasize the importance of the relationships with peers, teachers, staff and other adults by:

  • learning to share with others and work in a group setting

  • showing respect for other children and adults

  • feeling care and acceptance from his/her peers


To focus on a healthy self-image, a sense of worth and the security a child needs by:

  • promoting his/her creativity and self-expression developing his/her self-reliance and self-confidence

  • experiencing self-discipline and independence


To prepare each child for future learning experiences--socially, cognitively, emotionally, physically, and spiritually by:

  • making a successful transition from home to school

  • developing an interest and joy for learning

  • learning through his/her senses while participating in developmentally appropriate activities


To experience the environment around him/her and to better understand his/her place in it by:

  • feeling success through achievements in an atmosphere of faith, hope and love

  • honoring the many cultures our Preschool welcomes

  • discovering the sense of community that our Preschool represents

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