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Special Events

HUMC Preschool plans many special events throughout the year.  We are happy to have parents participate and/or help out at many of these events. 

Pumpkin Patch Day

Each year in October we hold our very own Pumpkin Patch Days.  Children are treated to a hay ride, then are taken to our very own Pumpkin Patch where they may select their very own pumpkin!

Halloween Parade

HUMC Preschool celebrates Halloween with our annual Halloween Parades.  Children (and staff) wear their Halloween costumes and parade past their parents and guests.  Following the parade, parents are invited in to the classrooms for a few Halloween songs and to help their children change into their normal preschool clothes so that they may continue with their day.  It's a great photo op and fun morning for all!

Fire Safety Puppet Show

We are very fortunate to be treated to a Fire Safety Puppet Show each year by the Fairfax County Fire Department.  When we are really lucky and there are no emergency calls, the fire fighters and paramedics show up in their fire trucks and ambulances!  It is so important for young children to become familiar with fire fighters and other emergency responders so if they are ever in an emergency situation, they know who to go to for help.  

Thanksgiving Gatherings

In November we hold our annual Thanksgiving Gatherings for the children.  Classes all gather for a Thanksgiving story, then share a snack together.

Christmas Concert

Parents, grandparents, siblings, families and friends are invited to join our Christmas Sing-A-Longs.  Our Preschoolers sing a few Christmas songs on, followed by a sing-a-long with their families.  It's a special time for all. We wrap up our Christmas Sing-A-Longs with a special visitor and a punch and cookies reception.  


Every year the preschoolers have an opportunity to compete in our Preschool Olympics.  The events vary from summer to winter events.  Our events have included our version of a triathalon, skiing ( on cardboard skis), soccer, ice hockey, figure skating, volley ball, discus throwing and may more.  All of our preschoolers are number 1 and receive gold medals!

PJ's and Pancakes

Each year on or near Dr. Seuss' birthday we hold our PJ's and pancakes day.  Children (and staff) are invited to come to school in their pajamas and have a fun day filled with Dr. Seuss style learning.  A special pancake snack is provided by the office staff.  It's a fun day for all of us!

Easter Egg Hunt

Our Preschool Parent Association (PPA) coordinates an Easter Egg Hunt for all of our Preschoolers at Easter time.  Sometime they even get a very special visit from the Easter Bunny!

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