Heading 4

HUMC Preschool's video library is now available and continuing to grow!  Teachers and staff continue to read stories, create crafts and move to the beat! Click on one of our monthly video collections (below) to take advantage.

Hello Preschool Bears! We miss you very much!!

(A special Thank You to Cara Meilus & Conner Keesling

for putting this video together for us!)



 Online Educational and Informational Links...

 Covid-19 Social Story and Resources:

 Social stories are stories created to help children understand what is happening in their world. The great thing about a social story in a power   point format is you can edit it with pictures of your family, playing inside or outside, a picture of your house, etc. This story is yours to edit to   fit your child’s/family’s needs. Skip some pages, add some pages, use photos instead of illustrations, or share it with your child as it is. And   when you feel it’s ready to go, print the story and share with your child(ren).





ABC Mouse


 Type in code: SCHOOL7771


 Free stories read aloud from Amazon owned audibles


Storyline Online


 Audible stories and games through Alexa



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 20 educational games 


 Fox World Travel Little Explorers Camp





 Go Noodle


 National Geographic Kids


 PBS Kids


 Art Websites


 Click on the PowerPoint (left) to review, create and share your own Social   Story with your child(ren).  Additional resources are available at the end of   the PowerPoint.