April 2020 Story Time, Craft & Movement Videos


What does Miss Lara find? 

Miss Magda Reads:

"Always in Trouble"

Miss Ella reads:

"Good Night, Gorilla"

Miss Michele W. reads: 

"Ten Pigs"

Miss Mary Glenn reads: 

"Llama Llama Loves to Read"

Miss Ingrid Reads: 

"Polar Bear, Polar Bear"

Crafting with Miss Cynthia:

Caterpillar Art Project

Crafting with Miss Michele W.

Creating Your Own Colorful Egg

Watch: "I Like Myself Book" and

Movement Poem w/ Miss Candice

Miss Cara reads:

"It's Not East Being a Bunny"

Planting Sunflower Seeds

with Miss Michelle H.

Crafting with Miss Magda

Spring Wreath

Miss Mary Glenn reads:

"When the Wild Pirates Go Sailing"

"The Night Before Easter and Egg Activity": With Miss Candice

Miss Cynthia sings: 
"Baby Bumblebee"

Crafting with Miss Michele W.

How to Make a Chick

Experimenting with Miss Magda

Colors Hide and Seek

Miss Michele W. Reads:

"The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog"

Miss Candice Reads/Crafts:

"Planting a Rainbow".

Miss Magda Reads:


Miss Jenn reads: 

"Are you Ready to Play Outside?"

Miss Michelle H. reads:

"Where the Wild Things Are"

Miss Magda Reads: 

"In the Tall Tall Grass"

Miss Ella Reads:

"Little Blue Truck"

Miss Helen's Surprise Garden